why hotmail sucks

There are many, many reasons.

One has been increasingly irksome.

Email addresses that have long been directed correctly, even email addresses that are in my own personal address book, are being flagged as SPAM. See example screenshot below …


Microsoft is simply useless at anything to do with the internet.


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51 thoughts on “why hotmail sucks”

  1. i have 2 agree..hotmail was a pretty good thing 7 or 8 yrs ago..then microjerk decided to fix something that was no where close to broken..now we have a slow mail server ladent with shockwave flash adds that only slow or experience down even more.
    and dontforget you cant open that letter ect untill the stupid flash add has fully opend.

  2. I’ve used Gmail for five years now but I still sign into my Hotmail account once a week just to check.

    Why one has to sign-in using one’s whole user name is beyond me. Shouldn’t Microsft realize that if someone is at that Hotmail page, they likely have a Hotmail account and shouldn’t actually have to type in the “@hotmail.com” part of the address? And nowadays, in the name of security I guess, they make you sign in every week which is just grossly and utterly stupid. Not even Yahoo does that.

    And today, while I was checking, they brilliantly displayed an ad one could not close over the far left side of the screen where all those silly buttons reside like Inbox, Drafts, Folders, etc. But who wants to use those? And no, it was not a rollover ad.

    Hotmail sucks.

    Just doing my part.

    1. so so true….can’t believe MS is acting so stupid on this one. It is such a pain to type the whole hotmail.com along with the id to signin on mobile devices as well. Whoever oked the Hotmail signin page one big dumbass.

      Also, for some reason, all mails from yahoo.co.in go to my junk mail folder. MS is playing dirty. Only reason I am still with hotmail is because the id is in use for a long time now.

    2. hotmail is full shit i have account in hotmail and have for quit some but now when i trying to open it it shows that the account doesnt exist why no idea and when u trying reset u r password its give me some other bullshit saying your link to some email a/c which never properly how supposed to work
      by changing their name they have srewed us , look like they have shut down certain a/c they full of shit they suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I’ve used hotmail now for over 10 years and have a paid account. I’d dump it tomorrow but I like my email address as it is (my name)@ hotmail.com. However, I know of at least 2 people who cannot email me at this account and I have no idea why. Their emails are simply returned as undeliverableand so I have them use my gmail address which always seems to work just fine.
    Beyond that, hotmail is very slow and sometimes it askes me to try again later. AS I write, I have been waiting for a document to arrive that was emailed by my insurance agent over 15 minutes ago.

  4. i’d just sent a 12Mb video to some friends… guess what? Yahoo and Gmail users had no problem receiving the video, what happened to hotmail users?? “This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently”

    They never received it

    visit my blog, theres a screenshot of the notification… MSN sucks

  5. I too switched over to Gmail 5 years ago. However I kept my hotmail account. I only kept it, because a few people still email me there. I checked in last week, and found it had been hacked. Someone put a spam message on the “away message”, “signature” and then spammed everyone in my contact list.

    So now my account has been blocked by Hotmail. You can’t contact them because they no longer provide service. You are forwarded to a forum where users suggest how to fix the problem.

    I think it’s disgusting and absolutely bad business. If I got hacked so did others and if you are going offer a service and then block folks but don’t supply service. Don’t offer the service, just close it! Don’t subject users to such horrible service. I know hotmail is FREE. There are other FREE email accounts that have service. I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING MICROSOFT. This is why the will die eventaully.

      1. You know what’s sad? The excact same thing has happened to me. I wrote messages on that forum of theirs, as my personal information in their reset form wasn’t good enough for them to do anything, and all I got as an answer is “Try to fill out that form again”, which i already did twice, and the whole message was autogenerated. Everything i added as a reply later was never ever read. Fucking great. I got a lot of e-mails I need there.

  6. I wholeheartedly that the world would be a better place without the likes of Micro$oft mucking things up. Unfortunately, they have a (rather long, now) track record of hangin’ in there DESPITE their f***ups.

    I think it would NOT be a good idea to hold one’s breath in anticipation of their demise.


    Have you ever tried to select a bunch of messages in your Inbox by clicking the check box on the left?

    After you somewhere between 6 and 17 messages selected, they all “unselect”.

    So as I go through my Inbox deleting spam, I can only select a few at a time. Because if you get real ambitious and select too many, you have to start over.

    For F’s sake MS, this is the worst interface I have ever seen.

  8. User for more than 10 years, hated it, but now it’s even worst. My notIE browser cannot send emails anymore.
    Recently they copied many features from Gmail, and it sucks even more. Stay away!!!!
    Gmail, much better. M$hit stinks worldwide!
    All of them sell info about what you read on your mails.
    Bacap your mail addresses and important mails.

    possible shortcut:
    “Got a mobile device? Check your e-mail by going to http://m.mail.live.com” (it has a lot less sh–t)


  9. I have had my hotmail account for about 15 years. My e-mail address is unique and easily remembered by my friends, so I’m reluctant to part with it, but in the last couple of years, I’ve grown increasingly PISSED OFF with this crapola product. My severely mentally retarded hamster could build a more reliable user interface. I second the complaint above about the problems with attempting to choose multiple e-mails to erase at once. I’m now ready to throw my laptop out the window because I keep getting “Hotmail can’t connect to the internet right now” error messages that are preventing me from sending a timely reply to an e-mail from a friend. This is fucking 2010. A simple task like this should not take 45 minutes of unsuccessful attempts before I give up!!!!!! FUCK MICROSOFT. FUCK BILL GATES AND HIS MICRO SOFT ASPERGER’S SYNDROME COCK.

  10. Tried without success to cancel a free Hotmail account. I read much advice from several websites, tried the suggestions, but nothing worked. I decided to simply quit using it for 30 days. Supposedly, that will take care of the matter.

  11. I too find my account flagging legitimate emails as spam. Some of them flagged such so that Hotmail has literally removed any options to set them as ‘not spam.’ So they will forever be flagged as spam.

    Worse still, if I leave my account for a couple days it floods with actual spam. How do their filters manage to flag the legitimate messages as spam but let my inbox fill up with unsolicited emails??

  12. My wife’s hotmail account was hijacked several days ago. If you expect Microsoft to help get your hijacked hotmail account back via their Recovery Center, you are wasting your time. My advice is to dump your hotmail account. I gave M$ everything piece of information I have that might help recover the account to no avail. I even offered to use my credit card to purchase the paid version of hotmail for MY hotmail account to prove who I am. I told them that I am an MSDN subscriber and even sent them an email from my work email address, and much more, but M$ would not help me. I bet if I was Bill Gates, I would get the account back. In summary, M$ service sucks.

  13. If I want to delete the majority of spam or most of a page I just check the box on the very top above the mailbox and it automatically selects all messages on that page. I then go back and uncheck those messages that I want to save. Sorry you all have such trouble with your server/service.

  14. Yep hotmail really blew it for me. Used for it more ten years, and have a paid account. But oh, since the last make-over is worst then ever. For instance, if u have a search result, and u read one post and hit the back button, you go back i dont know where, instead of the original search results…. And that is just one thing of a long list of annoining things. Same thing for IE. Just crappy. I switched like one year ago to google (gmail, chrome and the works). Great.

  15. Have to give my support to Rob who posted way up there. You can tell hotmail is from an American company; where else would a company feel unashamed enough to use such twat like “hooray! you have no more junk mail because you manually deleted the 50+ that hotmail allows through!” to users from throughout the world? And the joke is that I get more junk with my hotmail account than with any other service. I only use hotmail when I have to provide an email address to register online. The worst was having to live in fascist China and hotmail would actually prevent my emails from leaving the country, whilst MSN would censor my blog when dealing with anti-communist posts!

  16. 6 days ago my e-mail was hacked into, the hacker changed my password and security questions. They also sent e-mails to all my contacts saying I wa sin trouble in London and urgently need funds sent to me. Some of my contacts sent a reply and the hacker (6 days later) is still responding with my contacts. The recovery password system is a joke, I basically gave them all the information I had, complete history of my life to prove that it is me, folders, contact names, everything. The reply I got was that I did not give enough information to prove that I’m the owner of the e-mail address , and here is the kicker, they said they cannot tell me what information is missing that they require.

    I just want to get some of my folders back, have already set up a g-mail account and can’t wait until I can dump this e-mail account.

    More fun statements from Microsoft Indian tech center “Well you know this is a free e-mail service” in otherwords, if you are stupid enough to have a msn e-mail address you should get hacked.

    “We take security very seriously” in other words hackers have no problem stealing your account but good luck trying to get it back, we need to protect the hacker”

    MSN should change their slogan “Microsoft, We Suck More”

  17. Shewchuck? Sounds like the name of a branch of my mother’s family back in Winnipeg before they Anglicised it.
    I only use hotmail when having to submit an email address when commenting on sites. Automatically signs me into Messenger. Unlimited amount of spam. Self-congratulatory Americanisms “Hurray- no junk mail!” after I had to delete 132 pieces of it myself because damned if hotmail will. Having to constantly click just to read emails. Focus on shoving its bing et al. down our throats instead of simply giving us a proper service. Its censorship of blog entries to appease the Chinese fascists to keep its foot in the economic door.

  18. Hotmail is a bloody nightmare. I thought the service would be better if I paid the 19.99 a year to get rid of the ads. It got worse! It almost never lets me mail the mail. I sent it and it tells me there’s something wrong with it and then doesn’t save it, so I have to rewrite, try to send it again, get the same message. Many times, I click on an email and it won’t give me “reply” option. Other times, for long periods of the day, it won’t allow me to send. I’ve freaking had it with hotmail!

  19. My Hotmail account got blocked because apparently it’s being used to send spam. I have no idea. One day I tried to log in but it failed. I tried their email support system, telling them everything necessary to verify myself, including extremely detailed e-mails sent and received several times, however they kept pasting templates saying they cannot identify who I am. They have my number but the silly country code formed part of the number and they wouldn’t even text nor call me to verify if I am the user. They merely posted:

    We have concluded our review of the information you provided. Our agents were unable to validate that you are the account owner. The information provided has been reviewed and our agents could not match this information to the account information currently stored for the account.

    Our final recommendation is to create a new Windows Live ID account.

    Windows Live ID Support

    Hotmail is terrible. I have switched to Gmail.

    When I lost my password for Gmail, I instantly asked them to send me the reset code and they did it within 5 seconds. At least they could separate the country code and the number.

    All of us should switch away from Hotmail, lower their ad revenue and abandon their services to wake them up.

    1. I am in the same boat. My e-mail has been blocked too, and Microsoft is very clever about leaving little possibility of problem resolution for this. I way we all form a class action suit against Microsoft for aggrivation sake. I do not currently have a phone with text messaging and I think their motivation is 1. To eliminate old free hotmail accounts and 2. To gain additional personal information about us and give out phone numbers so that others can text message and advertise to us!

  20. Can’t log in said it was sending spam but I think that it was generated by their network since the previous day I got have identical messages for order confirmation from an online bookstore for a book I bought online and they were addressed as coming from me as the sender and not as the reciprient. the alternate email adress they had on file to send code to was an out of date one which was dropped when I quit AT&T as my phone provider they did not list my yahoo email which I had provided earlier. When I attempted to change password the text box would not print lower case letters as anything but upper case and the next button did not do anything when it was clicked on. Live tech support which was not listed on their remedy page
    but was found by google search demanded a $28 fee for processing which is higher fee than the monly paid hotmail account-I have had a free account dating from before hotmail was taken over by Microdsot. I do not have $28 in my account which is more than I make in a week.The unearned income I get from Social security for disability is not under my controll but is controlled by a county sponsored agency whose representative must authorize all expeditures which are made fon my behaldf.so I could not pay for tech support even if I so desired.
    I think microsoft must being trying to eliminate all legacy free account and is deliberativel subatoging them . I would like to acces the mail -old geneaolgical phots mainly from 2002 cthat I have stored in an old save folder though I think I have most of the photos and sheets stored on a couple of thumb drives.

  21. I totally agree with all the haters here. Hotmail is the single biggest piece of Sh*t ever even though I have used it for almost 10 years now. After 10 years my hotmail got hacked and it cannot do anything to fix it. It keeps on sending spam emails to all my contacts. I changed my passwords and everything but still not use. They even block my accout because of sudden surge in volume of emails sent, but they still cannot fix the damn problem. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MICROSOFT?! I cannot close this email and i have to wait 270 for it to close. RIDICULOUS.
    I am going to make a note to myself, I am never ever going to use microsoft products again. I have switched to mac computers last year and I will not use microsoft office on it. I will not use msn messenger.
    If i were you who owns Microsoft shares, i advice you to sell them soon, going at this rate, this company is probably totally worthless 10 years later. Their competitors are just too good, Microsoft just drives you nuts.

  22. I am another 10 year user of hotmail with no problems..but now im blocked some hacker is spamming and ive told them all th eanswers i can rememeber its so obvious i own that account that a deaf and dumb suirrel would know

    Seriously pissing me off

    The say oh make a new name make anew name(whichI have) but I want access to all my old emails

    Ive told them that my curriculum vitae is on one email as attachment and even told themthe nam eof th efile(and i could tell them every word on that doc) but no they cannot verify that i am me and thatits my account


  23. To those whose hotmail accounts have been hacked…the same happened to me, and the only solution I found to get my email back was to report microsoft to the better business bureau. Surprisingly, I got a timely response and they unlocked my account.

  24. I lost a lot of important contacts and info in my old hotmail account, Being in the Navy, I was always out at sea, and the internet on the Navy ships then was very minimal only a few can access .When I got back from a deployment from the middle east, I logged in and when it opened up, I got a message that all of my old e-mails and info was deleted and I have to renew my account with all the restrictions, so I send them an E-mail with an attachment of a finger …The other free e-mails out there are becoming unlimited in sized , they made theirs smaller and started a paid one…WTF….so me and a lot of my shipmates got rid of it including my commander and a bout 5 K sailors on the carrier…All Microsoft cares about is money…….

  25. Yea, fuck Hotmail.
    Same thing here, hacked email, and no matter how much info i give them , i get the same bs replies. DO THEY EVEN READ THE FUCKING FORMS WE SEND THEM FFS???!!!! then i made a new account with them, after a day somehow my password decided to fuck off somewhere, so i attempted to renew it, and i either was told that i did not match the 6 characters, (the security word puzzle thingy) and/or my windows live id is wrong? HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK? HOW CAN I GET MY ID WRONG DESPITE COPYING IT OFF?????????? wtf is up with thier service. If it can even be called that.

    Now im with gmail, and much better off. Fuck u microsoft, fuck u shitbox live(im switching to ps3, free online and better hardware) and fuck u hotmail.

  26. So glad to hear that I am not alone in hating hotmail. I would prefer to mail a letter through snail mail that have to continue to use hotmail. It would be less stressful and have a greater chance of actually reaching the recipent.

  27. I used to like outlook express but they too are so hard to set up that trying to find the right format is beyond stupid. And yes they ruined it beyond repair I used to be able to set up your Hotmail threw it OUTLOOK but since all the upgrades it’s just not worth the headache and as far as—-> Hotmail they do not allow you to block .com they say you can but it does not work i closed my Hotmail account after warning them if i got one more meds pills spam from the same site they do not allow me to block that has like a million Hotmail accounts and are probably all stolen and flood me with like two a day. Yea sometimes five than i would close it and i did. They do not protect their people period……..

  28. agreed. i love how they recently think everything is spam and force you to fill out that stupid confirmation box of letters. and i also love how these idiots constantly think that my account has been taken over by someone else and they make me go through this ridiculous process that never ends because it doesn’t work properly. they tell me they’re going to text me a code to reset my account but the code NEVER comes to my cell! so frustrating. and i also love how they don’t have a number to contact them with! all in all, they suck! i’ve used them for years but as of the other day, i’ve gone elsewhere. they’re constantly worried about athesthics but don’t ever do anything about the back end soft. why???

  29. I can’t check my own inbox without being nagged each time to upgrade my browser. I do not want to have to upgrade my browser. My browser is fine. I just want to access my email and don’t want a million options I will never use.
    Hotmail screwed up its Windows live Spaces or whatever the hell they called it forcing people to delete their sites. Now it’s forcing the few remaining users to leave for good.

  30. This could be a little lengthy. But there are couple of issues I have with Microsoft.
    I’ve had an email account with Microsoft for well over 20 years. Well, I used to have. As they expanded their services, I also started using their SkyDrive to store personal images, tech notes for various software I run, Text files I wanted to keep and off the wall images I thought was cool and wanted to hang on to.
    One day, I log into my account.. And BOOM! Your account has been temporarily suspended. That’s it. That’s all the explanation I got. No access to my Hotmail OR to my SkyDrive *where I kept one of a kind images of my kids and family* Like everyone else, I look and hunted and looked and hunted but couldn’t find a phone number or email address for customer service. Apparently there is no support for free email accounts. Ok, fine. I had to create a NEW account just so I could enter a post on the forums where you can submit a personal request for help.
    The first response was that their servers automatically detect spam originating from email accounts. That info took 3 days to get. I was told to jump through a bunch of hoops to change my secret questions and my password because obviously I was hacked.. Ya., right. . Ok so.. how exactly am I supposed to do that when I can’t log into the account in the first place? It took several days just to accomplish THAT particular feat.
    Second response was: Your account was suspended because of term of service violation. Ok, fine. What exactly was it I did that violated the terms of service? The reply was’ We can’t discuss this in the forum. Well, you have my “new” email address.. DUH! Email the reply to me.
    A Week later I wrote to the forum again.
    At some point, supposedly, a tech support person from the live support team emails me and said…
    After reviewing your account information we have determined that your account was suspended due to violation of our terms of service… …
    You’re kidding me, right? When did Microsoft personal become so stupid?
    I wrote back to him saying they could delete anything they found that violated the ToS, if that would get me back into my Hotmail and SkyDrive account. What a surprise to find out that all responses go to an email address that is not monitored.
    Every message I got after that was a simple copy/past of the same information I got the first 7 times.
    I wasted a month trying to get the issue resolved. Quite simply, Microsoft isn’t interested in resolutions. There not interested in helping anyone but themselves. And there tech support staff defiantly are not interested in helping anyone if it means it will make them late for breaks or punching out to go home.
    I simply gave up. (Which I am now sure was the intended goal) I Kissed the photos goodbye and went to yahoo. I’m not going to claim that yahoo is any better, but at least you CAN contact CS if you have a mail issue. Given the choice, I won’t ever use Microsoft related crap for anything.

    The next issue was a virus that I did get AFTER the Hotmail fiasco. I’m pretty good at fixing my own problems but this one was tough. This virus tends to write to a hidden partition that it creates. Well, I just didn’t feel like fooling with it so I thought I’d give Microsoft tech support a shot. First tech spent six hours moving, scanning, installing “freeware” programs, and “fixing” the problem. After which time he says, ok you’re all set.
    After he left, and after I restarted my computer it was apparent that I was not “all set”. I got the same virus message again. So, I went back for round two. Second tech spent 3 hours and concluded that the problem could not be fixed and I would have to format my hard drive to fix the problem. Ok, fine. But first I had to get a backup drive to move files I wanted to keep. After ordering the drive, and since I had to wait a few days to get it, I did some research. In ten min, on the web, where anyone could find the information, I found instructions on how to find a program” that comes with Windows 7” to search all drive partitions, locate the one partition that wasn’t labeled, and delete it. In less than 30 min the problem solved! No format needed. Now, you have to ask yourself, when it comes to talking to the “professionals” at Microsoft, just exactly how professional are they when they fail to utilize the very software THEY provide with the operating system?

    Ya im pretty much done with the bunch of them. Kinda wondering if Linex might not be a better idea these days. Microsoft is obviously to busy to deal with real people.

  31. Hotmail is terrible. I run an email server with a dedicated ip. Somehow my email server’s i.p address was blocked by hotmail. Now all emails are blocked to hotmail. Email is returned to sender with undeliverable message, doesn’t even make it to spam. There are forms to fill out to get your i.p unblocked, but all they do is send you computer generated messages saying they will not unblock the i.p.
    There is no one you can contact etc..’ I mean wtf..

    People on my servers send about 10-30 emails a day, maybe once a week send an email to someone at hotmail. Such a POS service..

    Do not waste your time worrying about what email is getting to or leaving hotmail, just ignore people still using it if they won’t switch.

  32. Hotmail will no longer accept any uploads of MP3 files. So if you make music in your studio, you won’t be able to use hotmail to email your music. Another reason why Hotmail sucks. Hotmail has problems because of poor management and there are much better email sites on the web.

  33. Everything else is working fine when I’m on the internet but on Hotmail my curser will suddenly freeze. Between that and the very regular messages that the “server is too busy” make me wish I had never signed up. But I feel stuck because so many of my business associates have the hotmail address on their systems and I can’t expect them to switch.

  34. I hate hotmail. My email go hacked sending to sent list and contacts – and they have absolutely no support. Then I tried and tried to close my account. Please I just want to get rid of this account. Now 270 days it says it still exists. I have never, never – been so frustrated with a specific piece of software before. Please, please – just delete my account.

  35. hotmail is a simply piece of shit and for some reason someone hacked my acount idk why but anyway i think that hacker have fun to have hotmail (find a life or hack another thing)

    1. I have commented before, but it seems that many out there just don’t get it. WHY DO HOTMAIL ACCOUNTS GET HIJACKED? The answer is simple for those who do the reserach to find out who provides the support! Sorry I can’t say more other than that THEY are a bunch of uncompassionate zombies.

  36. You know. after reading all the posts about.. “hacking” Its begenning to strike me that Microsoft seems to be using that excuse more and more as a blanket statement. I for one know without doubt NO ONE has any of my login info. Im not married, I dont have kids in the house. I dont tel any one anything about my accounts. where they are what there for or how often I use them. Hacked? ya more like stupidity on the part of microsoft. I honestly beleave they have no idea what there doing. I know there so called “expert” support staff are not nearly as “expert” as they claim they are.

  37. I hate Hotmail with the deepest part of my heart!
    First indeed the fact that you have to add “@hotmail.com” when logging in. Isn’t that obvious when I visit http://www.hotmail.com??? I always forget it cause Yahoo! is my main e-mail & there it’s not necessary.
    But the most frustrating thing to me is how slow it is since Microsoft redesigned hotmail. I can’t believe it! It’s the slowest website I know. It also crashes from time to time, something I never have with Yahoo!.
    It’s spam-protection is also ridiculous. Sometimes e-mails I receive regularly suddenly are received in Junk. Also the other way around: e-mails that aer always moved to junk are suddenly received in my inbox, for example emails “from” Candadian pharmacy’s trying to sell pills to become bigger. Why? I never made any changes! I didn’t do anything!!

  38. Hey i found the comments area. Now let me rant on MSN.

    First of all. What the f-ck. My account used 6 years ago is still active and running, and many of my older info packets for websites are using my old hotmail account. Today, one of the websites asked me to verify my hotmail account. I forgot the password unfortunately, so I pressed the usual “forget your password” button. Turns out the only way to get your password back is to log into the account that you don’t know the password.

    ex. my account bbb@hotmail.com They send a link to reset password to bbb@hotmail.com. Well I don’t know to password to bbb@hotmail.com, sooo how can i reset my password. facepalm*

  39. I especially adore their bogus privacy policies and no protection coverage should your account be hacked. Somebody has been sending spam mail from my old email account (which I did inf act believe was deactivated 2 years ago) and somehow somebody hacked into my account and re-opened it without my knowledge. The only reason I found out it was active was because my own mother received spam emails from it and asked why I would send them, she knew I had deleted this account 2 years ago at least and that I did not sue it, so she erased the messages and ignored them. I called customer support, spoke to a so-called Tech, who was trying to weed a bunch of money out of me before they even so much as “looked into my issue”, but they claimed they “completely understood where I was coming from” etc blah blah blah. So my safety and security is in jeopardy, as well as who knows who else’s, but they are not going to protect their users or other email users until I give them money? What is Hotmail, the Microsoft Mafia now or what? Shouldn’t they be giving better policies and standards and practices than that?

    1. Let me clarify that last comment . . . my mother asked why it was still active and sending her these emails when she already knew long ago I had deleted it. Also, I don’t truly believe MSN/Hotmail deletes anything you request to close no matter what. Maybe the hackers are MSN themselves, maybe even sending spam to people to make you panic so you will fork out all this money to them to ‘fix the issue”. What a big joke. It wouldn’t surprise me.

  40. Out of rage, i write this comment. I have an e-mail account on Yahoo… everytime i write a first email to some new friend with an Hotmail address… my mail ends up in their spams… every-effing-time ! Here in France Microsoft advertised on TV how great Hotmail is with gigabytes of attachements, blablabla… but they fail everytime to provide the basics of a working email account with a working spam filter. Why people keep using Hotmail is beyond my ken.


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