I HATE loyalty programs

In fact, I’m loyal to companies that don’t have loyalty programs.

What a waste of time. 😕

“If you have a rewards card, please swipe it now.”

“You’re not a member. Would you like to be?”

“The loyalty club comes with bonus points, an upgrade, vouchers and a free coffee. After you buy 10.”

“You don’t want to join? You should join. It only takes a moment. You’re still not interested? Why not? (What’s wrong with you?)”

Let’s ban all loyalty programs

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Sadly … I caved. I am now carrying a Tim Horton’s loyalty card. 😕


Tunnel Bear VPN

TunnelBear by software security software giant McAfee is one of the best FREE Virtual Private Networks.

Like many others it has both free and paid versions.

I got a free month of the paid version last October because I needed it while traveling internationally.

Cancelled before the deadline. … And months later found they were still billing me though I hadn’t used the service.

After complaining online to Tunnel Bear customer support they did refund those payments. Good customer service.

I found it very confusing to cancel, by the way.

When you cancel any paid service online be sure to check you got the confirmation email.


when Amazon sucks …

I love Amazon. Their model is the future of retail.

And Amazon almost always works. It’s amazing.

But when I recently bought a hiking guidebook it wouldn’t download to my Kindle Paperwhite. Weird.

Quite quickly Amazon responded. Confirming that they suck. ☹️

I washed out as a Drone pilot

After many, many hours trying to get my DJI Spark to work, I finally gave it to a friend.

It was too complicated. Too frustrating. 😩

The short battery life is another turnoff for me.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. … I never once got it to work.

If you are willing to give it a try, check the Amazon Prime sale July 16th.

DJI lowers prices on Spark and Mavic Pro drones during Amazon Prime Day

hassles booking a flight in Canada

I wanted to fly to Toronto on a Thursday for the Canadian National Gymnastics Championships.

Only WestJet and Air Canada fly direct.

WestJet pilots are threatening strike.

Air Canada costs millions of dollars on Thursday. Inexpensive on Saturday.

I tried dread Aeroplan. No flights available Thursday or Friday. Only Saturday.

So … I’ll fly on the Saturday on Aeroplan points for FREE. No, not free. I still pay over a third of the ticket costs because TAXES. I hate loyalty programs, including air points.

will Catholic priests ever wed

When I saw this statue in Chile what was my first reaction:

1. Compassionate Church takes care of orphans ??

2. Priests are pedophiles ??

Cases of child sexual abuse by Catholic priestsnuns and members of religious orders, and subsequent cover-ups, in the 20th and 21st centuries have led to numerous allegations, investigations, trials and convictions. …

Clerical celibacy has always been a bad idea.

Many problems would be solved if the Catholic Church (and others) allowed priests to wed.

Pope Francis made headlines across the globe when he suggested he was open to the idea of ordaining married men as a way to alleviate priest shortages in remote areas.

Some raised their eyebrows and took note, whereas other Catholics shrugged, pointing out that paths, although they are narrow, already exist for married men to enter priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church.

Experts say as many as 120 Catholic priests in the U.S. are married. …

Married Catholic priests? There are perhaps 120 in the U.S. already. Here’s how

Lincoln in the Bardo – a review

This book is terrible.

It won the Man Booker Prize. All kinds of critics love it.

The audio version slightly better. But one hundred and sixty-six individual narrators (led by Nick Offerman & David Sedaris) still couldn’t make it either interesting or understandable.

The most popular review on GoodReads:

I really tried, but listening to this book is impossible. I want to appreciate the voices, the story, but I can’t get past the format. Like wading through footnotes. Is it possible to ignore the format when you READ it? About to throw in the towel and get a refund.

The most popular critical review on Amazon:

The style was original but tedious. The various voices, very truncated at times and others long …

I was comparing Dostoyevsky’s far superior and adventurous novella Bobok where the decaying corpses quarrel and grumble and a sharp and memorable view of Russian society emerges. This book is not memorable save for its unrelenting tedium.

George Saunders has long been accepted as one of the masters of the American short story.

In this, his first novel, the Lincoln trapped in the bardo is Willie, the cherished 11-year-old son of the great civil war president.

As his parents host a lavish state reception, their boy is upstairs in the throes of typhoid fever. Saunders quotes contemporary observers on the magnificence of the feast, trailing the terrible family tragedy that is unfolding. Sure enough, Willie dies and is taken to Oak Hill cemetery, where he is interred in a marble crypt. On at least two occasions – and this is the germ of historical fact from which Saunders has spun his extraordinary story – the president visits the crypt at night, where he sits over the body and mourns.

The cemetery is populated by a teeming horde of spirits – dead people who, for reasons that become an important part of the narrative …

NY Times review 

I switched to low brow Hard Luck Hank comedy SciFi books.