BIG performance art media event Friday

I posted the details on my Gymnastics Blog:

Cirque du Soleil co-founder Guy Laliberté is orbiting the Earth. He spent $35-million to become only the 7th “tourist” to leave the planet. …

His space trip is part of a huge campaign to raise awareness of the need to provide clean water to everyone in the world.

The main event is happening this Friday though the specific details are not yet revealed. You can get some hints on what to expect from the website. …

details – why is Guy Laliberté in space?

[picapp src=”7/1/8/6/Soyuz_TMA16_spacecraft_1a53.JPG?adImageId=4760197&imageId=6732852″ width=”500″ height=”335″ /]
Astronaut tourist Guy Laliberte – The Right Stuff

My personal favourite charity causes are Clean Water and Education of Girls and Women in the developing world. So I’ll be all over this latest stunt from Cirque.

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