when did CBC radio get cool?

For decades I was a devoted listener of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation AM radio.

Commercial free talk radio was the best option for me … until the launch of audiocasts.

Now I listen only to these CBC programs, downloaded to me automatically as podcasts:

Definitely Not the Opera

Brian and co. just convinced me to subscribe to Wiretap starring Jonathan Goldstein. That’s easy to do from the iTunes store. And free.


People are telling me that both Radio One and Radio Two have been much improved in recent months. Modernized. Much more hip. “Chasing a younger audience” (age-35+), some say.

Nice. I’ll have to give it another chance.

CBC Radio operates three English language networks.

CBC Radio One – Primarily news and information, CBC Radio One broadcasts to most communities across Canada. Until 1997, it was known as “CBC Radio”.

CBC Radio 2 – Broadcasts music, arts and culture programming, including opera, classical music, jazz and theatre. It was previously known as “CBC Radio Two”, and before that “CBC Stereo”.

CBC Radio 3 – Broadcasts a youth-oriented indie rock format on Internet radio and Sirius Satellite Radio.


One more thing, Jonathan Goldstein’s most recent book: Ladies And Gentlemen The Bible!

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