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the beautiful game SUCKS

Like most North Americans, soccer is not my game.

I like playing it, but watching a nil-nil draw between Elbonia and Molvanîa is only slightly preferable to rotting in a coffin.

Like most North Americans, I appreciate skillful ball handling and passing. Soccer highlights, I enjoy.

But face it, watching an interminable game of soccer sucks. I don’t care how popular it is world-wide.

• a weaker team often beats a stronger
• penalty shots are absurdly valuable
• players often take “dives”
• the minutes added to the end of the game seems subjective

But the #1 reason soccer sucks is officiating. I’ve no doubt that the refs at the World Cup are competent. But it’s obvious even to an ignorant like myself that they’re not capable of making correct judgments on a field that large.

Everyone in the TV audience can see what happened in super slow motion. Soccer refs get no video replay.

Martin Rogers on Yahoo Sports – Refs must face the music for bad calls

That’s it. Soccer is dead to me.

I’m boycotting after New Zealand wins this World Cup. Boycotting … until the next World Cup.

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