traveling Japan in October

Last week I picked up my 3 week Japan Rail Pass. I’m locked and loaded. My Funemployment continues.

Sunday (today) – depart for Seattle
… hike & bike with Doug Davis out of Port Townsend

Thursday – depart Seattle for Tokyo
… Jr International in Yokohama
… World Gymnastics Championships
… assist with 2 Cirque du Soleil auditions
… travel Japan

Nov. 22nd fly back to Seattle
Christmas in Parksville, B.C. with my folks

My main concern, I’m allergic to smokers.

One thought on “traveling Japan in October

  1. richard englehardt

    Rick: Old friend Richard here. What a life you are living! Who da think it possible yet you are doing it! Way to go Rick. I am still a slum lord manager for a while yet. I got a real job acting as Oil Sands Development Engineer for Conoco at more money than ever! What do I say: good things come to good people or my thoughts create my reality? I do believe my thoughts create my reality as is true for all people. Yes and even you so keep on creating.
    My job starts Sept 19 and I will keep my slum job until my contract is finished, March 5, 2012. I am looking for a condo and found one that is pretty good. Just have to start making the dinero!
    I am sure you know Brian got a job teaching math to teenagers – shades of J.S. or what? Get an oxygen tank to avoid cig smoke. You will survive regardless. Keep posting for those who are working instead of having fun! Later Richard

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