Dana bought a ROKU

In Las Vegas:

… (Dish Network) bundled with our phone and internet has been costing us around $170 per month, for terribly slow internet. Of those 300 channels, we use perhaps a maximum of 15 of them. …

Yeesh. Why hasn’t traditional TV improved options for consumers?

She dropped Dish and got this digital video player, instead, the ROKU.

Channels available via the internet include Hulu Plus (U.S. only), Netflix (U.S. and Canada only), Disney.com, TWiT.tv and dozens more.


… made the leap and bought a ROKU. It’s brilliant.

… In addition, switching to a better internet provider will allow for high speed everything. So it’s official – done with traditional cable/satellite TV.

Tweet the Streets – Quit TV! You can Too!

Tweet the Streets, by the way, is news from the people, for the people. Bloggers working together to create something like an online news magazine. Dana has volunteered to write for them, when inspiration strikes.

Will Roberts is one of the founders, a friend of Dana’s.

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One thought on “Dana bought a ROKU

  1. danabrass

    Thanks for the plug Rick.
    I sincerely appreciate it!
    The ROKU is brilliant truly. I had considered Apple TV, but in the end chose two ROKU boxes. So far, we are thrilled with them – the only downside has been when I want to watch GOP debate or something LIVE on TV, I struggle with the software needed. Being less than a computer geek, I am still figuring it out. Case in point during World’s (gymnastics) I had zero luck streaming and couldn’t watch the TV due to crappy reception of the HD channel in my area. But I saw the routines I wanted on Youtube the next day.
    I agree, “Yeesh. Why hasn’t traditional TV improved options for consumers?” It’s really ridiculous.

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