lets kill rent-a-car companies


… There are the lines, the hassles, the constant upsells, confusion around cost of gas and insurance, and about 15 pages of paper that you have to sign before being able to pick out your car and leave the lot. Frequent travelers and members of rewards programs aren’t treated that differently. They have a shorter line and can generally have a better choice of available cars from the lot, but the experience isn’t fundamentally better.

Airport car rentals are a big business — more than $10 billion a year, by some estimates — but the experience is pretty bad all around. Which means it’s time for disruption! …

Two interesting up-and-coming alternatives:

• Flightcar
•  Silvercar

… Customers won’t have to worry about getting gouged for gas at 3x the price for bringing a car back with a half-empty tank, for instance: Since cars are connected to the cloud, they’ll merely report back how empty or full the tank is, and automatically charge users for refills based on the market rate for gas. Customers will also have a limited number of insurance options to choose from, rather than having to navigate the confusing choices that more car rental agencies provide. …

Airport Car Rentals: The Next $10 Billion Industry Ready For Disruption


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