Saudi Arabian towers

A break dancer from Mecca was to take me to street practice in Riyadh last night, but the Bboys cancelled. Many had school exams next day .

Instead I went on a driving tour of the sprawling city. We wanted to see the biggest buildings at night.

Burj Al Mamlakah … The Kingdom Centre is the winner of the 2002 Emporis Skyscraper Award, selected as the “best new skyscraper of the year for design and functionality”. A three-level shopping center, which also won a major design award, fills the east wing. The large opening is illuminated at night in continuously changing colors. The shopping center has a separate floor for women only to shop where men are not allowed to enter.

Burj Al Mamlakah

The Burj Al Faisaliyah Center (Arabic: برج الفيصلية) is the first skyscraper constructed in Saudi Arabia, and is the second tallest building in Riyadh …

The golden ball that lies atop the tower is said to be inspired by a ballpoint pen, and contains a restaurant; immediately below this is an outside viewing deck. There is a shopping center with major world brands at ground level. Al Faisaliyah Center also has a hotel at both sides of the tower while the main building is occupied by offices …

Burj Al Faisaliyah

What’s next?

The Kingdom Tower.

Daily Mail:

Incredible new images of what the world’s tallest tower will eventually look like have been revealed.

Each of its three sides features a series of notches that create pockets of shadow to shield areas of the building from the sun and provide outdoor terraces with stunning views of Jeddah and the Red Sea.

Kingdom Tower


tallest buildings

That won’t be the world’s tallest building for long. The proposed $2 billion Azerbaijan Tower will usurp by 2017.


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