Peruvian Horse Ranch – Panama

Last night in Panama our host Andres arranged for Humberto and myself to stay with friends at their Ranch.

They compete Peruvian Horses, a breed of light pleasure saddle horse known for its smooth ride. It is distinguished by a natural, four-beat, lateral gait called the paso llano. …

Over time, Peruvian breeders kept the bloodlines clean and selectively bred primarily for gait, conformation, and temperament. They wanted strong, hardy animals that were comfortable to ride and easy to control. Over four centuries, their dedication to breeding only the best gaited bloodstock resulted in the modern Peruvian Paso. …

Peruvian horse

It’s a gorgeous and unique home.


Rick in Panama

Berto and I spent most of our time taking photos of the many, many animals — missing only the Zebras and Caiman.

Loudest were the parrots and peacocks.


Most menacing the ostrich family.


Cutest, the miniature horses.

minature horse

more photos …


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