ultimate hostel bunk bed

This Autumn I’ll be back traveling internationally. Europe and possibly Asia.

On nights where I only need to sleep, you’ll find me in one of the cheapest dorm beds available.


Staying in hostels is an excellent way of saving money on the road, the trouble is, sometimes they don’t provide the most comfortable nights rest. …

His proposed ultimate hostel bunk bed:


Specific features:

Personal safe. A safe place to keep your passport and wallet etc. It is not open by a key (easily lost/stolen), but rather my a combination code. Inside the safe a plug socket also resides so that your handheld electronic can be charged in safety.

Lockers for your rucksack underneath the bed. This also saves on space in the room.

An individual fan to combat heat.

An individual reading light.

A personal curtain. This affords you a little privacy and allows you to keep your reading light (above) on whilst others are trying to sleep. The curtain would also help block out some of the noise others in the room are making e.g. snoring.

Solid panels at each end of the bunk with towel rails attached. This will give the bunk a bit more of a sturdy frame. keep out some of the noise in the room and will also provide an obvious place to hang wet towels etc. Solves the problem of having someone elses wet towel overhanging your bunk.

Backpacks and Bunkbeds

I’ve had all of those features in some dorms, but never the personal safe. That would be expensive to install.

(via Matador)

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