train out of Dehradun, India

My train ticket wallah delivered my ticket to the hotel. It’s complicated to purchase a train ticket yourself in India.

Delivery fee $1.60.

I caught the 5:10am Shatabdi 2nd Class non-AC Dehradun to Delhi. About 6hrs. If all goes well, I’ll connect to my flight to Nepal.

Dehradun, the capital city of Uttarakhand state in north India is on nobody’s tourist radar. Yet I managed to spend 4 nights here. 🙂

A few pics.

The Clock Tower.


There are far more toilets in India than the last time I was here, 14yrs-ago. Some Hi-Tech.


Garbage disposal system has advanced more slowly.


Ram Rai mausoleum, one of the few downtown highlights.




more Dehradun photos

I stayed at the Hotel Relax. Recommended. I found it through Trip Advisor, a service I’m using increasingly over Lonely Planet.

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