Cat Cat, Vietnam

My last day in Sapa, I walked down to super popular, super touristy Cat Cat village.


The main attraction of northern Vietnam for most tourists are the colourful ethnic minorities.

Prized photos like this. (Not taken by me.)


I was turned off cultural tourism after my first trek to minority villages in northern Thailand 1998. It seems a shame to have these ladies and girls dress up every day only to mob any passing tourist with the question: shopping, shopping?

That said, I was glad I checked out the tourist version of a traditional village.

P1310523 P1310522


The animals are entertaining.




If you keep descending, eventually you’ll reach the waterfall.


more photos

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Children from these ethnic minorities often begin to support their families financially through selling trinkets to tourists. Do not encourage this by buying from children – Buy from adults. They peddle small metal or silver trinkets, embroidered pillow cases and friendship bands in the main town, and often walk for several hours from their surrounding villages to reach the town. At the end of the day, some take a motorbike ride back to their village, some walk home and some sleep in the market.

Children have poor or non-existance dental hygiene. “”Do not give them candy or sweet””. It hurts their teeth badly. If you want to give them something, safe toys from your home is highly regarded.

There’re schools in Sapa’s villages. Most of them lack essential learning: book, pen or pencil. Give those to the teachers, thus reducing your loading weight in return.


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