huge new airport in Doha

Too huge, perhaps.

But it does not look like a giant shopping mall, as so many of the other new airports do.

The BIG news, however, is that people flying Qatar Airlines with layovers of over 8 hours currently get a complimentary hotel room at the airport. I met an Irishman who just took advantage of the promotion.

Sounds good to me. I sleep over in airports a number of days each year.

Rick bed in Addis Ababa airport
Rick’s “bed” in Addis Ababa airport

…  Hamad International Airport was originally scheduled to open in 2009, but after a series of costly delays, the airport finally opened on April 30, 2014

Hamad International Airport has been designed to cater for a projected ongoing increase in the volume of traffic. The airport has an initial annual capacity of 29 million passengers, three times the current volume. Upon completion, it will be able to handle 50 million passengers per year, although some estimates suggest the airport could handle up to 93 million per year, making it the second largest airport in the region after Dubai. …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. The Qatar Airlines CEO is something to see.


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