Empress Mentewab’s Castle

Ethiopian Queen.

Mentewab laying prostate at Mary's feet
Mentewab laying prostate at Mary’s feet

Mentewab was a major political figure during the reigns of her son the Emperor Iyasu and grandson Iyoas. …

Mentewab married Emperor Bakaffa in Qwara 6 September 1722, becoming his second wife (his first wife having mysteriously died on the day she was crowned immediately following her coronation banquet). …

Empress Mentewab was crowned co-ruler upon the succession of her son Iyasu II in 1730, and held unprecedented power over government during his reign. …


P1340135She was quite a character.

From 1723 to 1730 she lived in this Palace, some distance away from the Royal court. She liked men too much, they say. Some speculate that she was removed to reduce Royal gossip.

Scottish traveller and travel writer James Bruce discovered more than just the source of the Blue Nile when he visited Mentewab.









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