my last Gondar photos

A former capital of Ethiopia for over a century, the population today is about 200,000.

Gondar map

A welcome change from polluted, dusty Addis, most everyone likes Gondar. It’s at high altitude in the highlands, warm in the day, cold at night.


The population is 83% Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity, 16% Muslim.

The center of the widely sprawling town is this statue of warrior emperor Tewodros II (ruler from 1855 to 1868). Tourists are hassled a fair bit here but not much anywhere else in Gondar.


I was very happy at the L-Shape hotel. $16/night.


Yep. The shape of that hotel is perfectly rectangular. 🙂

During the Second World War, Italian forces in Ethiopia made their last stand in Gondar November 1941. Addis Ababa had fallen to British forces 6 months before.

I was here to visit the Royal Enclosure, some of the best historical ruins in Africa.

Gondar is the jumping off point for the Simien trek, 3hrs further north.

There are surprisingly few bicycles in Ethiopia. Those who own one can bring them here, then RENT them to those who want to cycle around the parking lot.


Gondar is also a noted center of ecclesiastical learning of the Ethiopian Orthodox having 44 churches – for many years more than any other settlement in Ethiopia.



Most of the imagery shows Jesus and Mary whiter than me. A shame.


Pilgrims, the poor, homeless and dying hang about the Churches.


I wasn’t sure if this man was drunk, sleeping or dead.


Farewell Gondar.





more photos


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