MacBook 13-inch Pro retina – a review

So far I’m loving it.

The retina monitor (227 pixels/inch) is a huge upgrade.

I REALLY love setting the display to “Larger Text”, making everything larger on screen. Unfortunately some apps don’t fit on to that screen so I switch, now and again, back to the standard retina display.

New this Pro is very snappy.

I paid CDN$1406 (US$1132) including tax after a trade-in, an old computer that barely worked. It’s CDN$1599 new with 256GB flash memory. (Flash costs about $1/GB these days.)

The Yosemite operating system is a big improvement, especially Spotlight search.

Compare Apple laptops. (Jan 2015)


I’m recommending the Pro for power users (video or photo editing, blogging, etc.), the less expensive Air for everyone else.


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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

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