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farewell Ladakh


I’ve been in and out of Leh, Ladakh, northern India for the past 3 weeks.


Leh town for tourists is a disaster, actually.



I doubt the current beautification scheme will help much.


Very few local people have much concern for cleanliness or sanitation.


Many streets look like war zone slums.


I was passing this construction site when a shopkeep yanked me into his store. Workers dropped a metal sheet – by accident – close to where I would have been walking.


The biggest churches and mosques are clean, however.


If you walk long enough on side streets, you can find tidy buildings. Nice homes. The rich are very rich. And educated. India has good schools.


Banks machines work well. That’s one example of things getting better.

Internet goes out for DAYS at a time, however. 😦

They need the SPCA. Sick and starving dogs are pitiful.


Holy cows are a different problem. Hindus like having them wandering the streets.


One sheep hangs out near the mosque. I assume it’s waiting on the next Muslim feast.


Very few examples of quality can be found in Leh in 2015.

I was happy with my $30 Hotel Chube. One of the top rated on Trip Advisor. It’s at the bottom of the Fort stairs.


The best restaurant in town is OK – Chopsticks Noodle Bar. Many of the other top ranked choices I found lacking.

The best bookstore in town is excellent – Leh Linkg Cafe. Likely the best Ladaki bookstore in the world. I spent a lot of time in the used bookstore – The Book Worm– as well. All winter, when tourists are scarce, the owner opens the shop each day and reads his own books on a chair in front.


The Good-For-All shop is a plus. They’ll take your used batteries.



The tourist attractions are impressive: Castle Tsemo, Palace and Shanti Stupa. I’ll post photos of those over the next few days.

My favourite image is that of the peace Stupa lit up at night.


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