I agree with Gundamentalists … on a few things

I’m talking about American Gundamentalists.

gun nets

Gundamentalists take unrestricted right to bear arms as a tenet of religious or quasi-religious faith. The worst go into go into knee-jerk denial when approached with any studies or opinion that don’t fit their worldview.

I strongly disagree with those folks on most things because of unintended consequences. Though they deny it, many innocent people die of gun related violence in the USA.

gun deaths USA

But I do agree with gun nuts on a few things.

Around half of Americans support gun rights despite school shootings. In a Democracy, that opinion should be respected, even if I disagree.

We agree that hunters, police, military and sportsmen should have full access to firearms.

Many Gundamentalists agree that private businesses should have the right to restrict or allow firearms on their property. We can support or boycott those companies, if we choose.

We agree with Sedro-Woolley Police Chief Lin Tucker. Firearms training is a good thing. Firearms safety is important. Click through to his Facebook post if you want to read more.

Lin Tucker
Lin Tucker

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2 thoughts on “I agree with Gundamentalists … on a few things”

  1. So how do you feel about firearm safety in our schools? This used to be an elective in the elementary and high school curriculums back in the 50s and 60s? ABC reports some schools teach the Eddie Eagle program, yet I don’t know how widespread that really is, I know my son hasn’t had it yet.

    However, he (and his sisters)are very respectful around the firearms in my home as each time they are out and my children see them, I pull them over and teach them how to be safe around the weapons and to always tell an adult if they find an unattended weapon.

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