Finally. Iguazu Falls, Brazil.

Having visited Victoria Falls in 2014 – and rafting the Zambezi below the Falls – I was quite sure Iguazu could not compete.

Happily I was wrong.

WasserfŠlle von Iguacu

Iguazu is even better for the tourist. Though both Falls are astonishingly otherworldly, you get closer in Brazil.

Rick at Iguazu

Unhappily it poured tropical rain. I was soaked, cold and wind blown. I had to keep moving just to stay warm.

The highlight here is walking out into the middle of the Falls.

22 Garganta Del Diablo Devils Throat Iguazu Falls Brazil Viewing Platform Close Up

Yes those walkways have been washed out in the past.

Here’s how it look on a sunny day.


I wished I’d been here in the early days of tourism. 🙂


more photos

If you haven’t been to Iguazu, put it on your Bucket List 🙂

Visit both sides. When I tried to cross the border into Argentina officials insisted I needed to pay a special $90+ visa – in advance – printed and in hand – for a visit of just a few hours. No exceptions.

I walked back across the bridge into Brazil. 😦

more photos

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