Sundays in Latin America

Three times this year I’ve found myself wandering some town on Domingo. Truly the best day of the week in a Catholic nation. Most people have the day off.

In the traffic disaster that is Guatemala City, for example, major roads are closed so people can walk. Kids can cycle.


I arrived Xela, Guatemala mid-afternoon. Decided to walk to my hostel. (I hate cabs.)

Told it was only about 10 blocks, I ended up walking Xela for 3-4 hours. Lost.

But it was entertaining. I revisited some highlights from my last visit 10 years ago.


Finally I reached Centro America Park. In the dark.

Here was the highlight of the day. A big, colourful, mysterious Christian procession.

Men carrying a huge float. Men waving smoking lanterns. Spectators snapping blurry photos.





I had a reservation at El Colibri Hostal. But it doesn’t seem to exist despite being ranked #2 on TripAdvisor. Eventually I tramped over to #3 on TripAdvisor – Hostal Nim Sut.

$17 for a simple room. The past week I’d been staying at a $150 / night 5 star hotel.

Hostal Nim Sut

Very friendly. Looks like fun as there is a large group of volunteers staying here right now.

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