Hostels are better than Hotels

Recently I stayed at the Real Intercontinental, Guatemala City. The International Olympic Committee picked up the tab and all my meals. I was volunteering.

A 5 star hotel. Cost for the room was something like US$160 / night.

It’s very good. I had only the tiniest complaints.

From there I took a bus to Guatemala’s second city, Xela. Stayed at 2 different hostels in private rooms for about $12 / night.

Hostal Nim Sut hosted a big volunteer group while I was there. Good fun.


Here’s the view. 🙂


Casa El Colibri was my original booked hostel. But I couldn’t find it the night of my arrival. In the dark there was no way I could read this sign nor see the address.


The owners of both hostels were apologetic over numerous small faults they couldn’t seem to get fixed.

Still – overall I prefer hostels over sterile hotels.

Hostels are more fun. And it’s much easier to get travel advice in a hostel than hotel.

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