Lightning by Dean Koontz

Lightning is a novel by the best-selling author Dean Koontz, released in 1988. …

A storm struck on the night Laura Shane was born, and there was a strangeness about the weather that people would remember for years. Even more mysterious was the blond-haired stranger who appeared out of nowhere again and again to save Laura from tragedy. …

The stranger “guardian” is a time traveler.



I read Lightning because it was recommended as a believable time travel novel. I’d been pissed off at the absurdly impossible plots in most time travel fiction.

Time Travel in Lightning is more believable than in most other yarns. And some consider it Koontz’ best book. (His publisher at the time considered it unpublishable.)

I’m glad I read it. Any time travel paradox problems were not obvious to me. Koontz is a good story teller as most pop fiction writers are.

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