I finally made it to Ephesus, Turkey

For decades I’ve heard about Europe’s most complete classical city. And it’s only 20% excavated.

Always wanted to compare Ephesus with Palmyra, Syria that I visited in 1994.

Palmyra 2010

Tragically ISIL did a lot of damage to Palmyra. I’m not sure the site will be restored in my lifetime.

Here’s Ephesus. Also great, but quite different.

Ephesus was the 4th largest Roman City with over 170,000 inhabitants.

This theatre could hold 25,000.

Ephesus is most famous for the Library of Celsus. It was the “third-largest library in the ancient world” behind Alexandria and Pergamum.

An extra ticket is required to visit the Terraced Houses, 7 well-preserved Roman homes. Restoration is in progress.

Some graffiti is being restored as well: gladiators, caricatures, animals. Poems and declarations of love. Back then you needed a chisel, not spray paint.

I was quite worried for this woman. … Will her feet overheat in those boots?

I did visit the Ephesus Museum, as well. Quite well done.

I’d recommend Ephesus to everyone who visits Turkey.


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