Buenos Aires “City Centre Tour”

Number one on TripAdvisor’s list of B.A. tours.

Like the morning tour, I found it a bit long and wordy.

The route is noisy and crowded. Our group of 40 or so should have been split in two.

Congress Building

Auguste Rodin‘s The ThinkerCongressional Plaza.

The Palacio Barolo was designed in accordance with the cosmology of Dante’s Divine Comedy, motivated by the architect’s admiration for Alighieri.

The greatest hero of Argentina is José de San Martín.

After him … some still revere Juan and Eva Perón.

Happily I’d never seen the musical nor Hollywood film. Both bungled history badly.

The real Evita did not sing. She was a voice actress on the radio.

Pink Government House

Here’s Pope Francis’ Cathedral. San Martín is buried there.

We saw the Pope’s barber shop and local coffee shop nearby.

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