education, government

why are old people so gullible?

Lunch at the Shouldice Hernia hospital. Six old white men who never met one another before. All educated. All affluent.

Two of the six believe in all kinds of 9/11 conspiracy theories. They trust some documentary they’ve seen and not the facts.

One of the six contested everything they said. Smart man. I admired him in a way.

I kept quiet. There’s no use arguing with old idiots.

I left as they began blaming Clinton/Obama for the deliberate domestic terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers. It was revealing to see the motivation of that documentary. Needless to say, I didn’t remind them that 9/11 was on the G.W. Bush watch.

At the next table was an old educated white guy from California. His research brought him to this hospital believing it was best in the world. Yep, that guy is 100% Trump. He believes everything Trump says. Believes anything contradicting Trump is #FakeNews.

Likely I’m the same. An old white man who’s not going to change my opinion on much for the rest of my years.

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