visiting Cardigan, Wales

Casten Abertefifi is the main landmark in Cardigan. It was first built 1176.

It was lived in continuously for 900 years, falling into disrepair from the 1940s with the last family.

It was finally restored 2015 and is now a great tourist attraction.

You can sit on a giant throne.

The Parish Church of St Mary is even more impressive than the restored castle. And it’s still being used after hundreds of years.

I got stuck in Cardigan on a Sunday in early October finishing a hike. Turns out there is no bus service in or out of town on a Sunday aside from summer months. It was 50£ by cab to the nearest train station. So I took a B&B room for 45£, taking a holiday from my hiking vacation.

An even bigger draw for birders is the wetlands refuge, Teifi Estuary Woodlands & Marshes.

The first badger I’ve ever seen in the wild.

By far the busiest restaurant is Crwst (Crust). For lunch I had slow cooked pork & eggs benedict. Excellent.

For dinner I got two pies. And sat by the river.

Cardigan is predominantly a Welsh language speaking community. At the 2001 census more than 69% of the residents were recorded as being able to speak or understand spoken Welsh, with 45% able to speak, read and write in the language …

I heard mothers and their children on the street using Welsh as a first language. It’s not a dying tongue. College classes in town are offered in both languages.

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