Cardiff, Wales is a terrific city

My friend in Wales couldn’t get rid of me. I hung around for a couple of weeks.

She heads the European branch of the Tumbl Trak UK Gymnastics equipment company. Moved from Michigan to Wales 3 years ago.

We had a number of excellent meals.

I’d been trying to find a time to visit the Wales office since she got there. When my laptop battery died in Morocco, I desperately wanted to get to an Apple Store for repair. Happily the Geniusesesss‘ at Apple Cardiff did a terrific job.

That took 5 days. I wasn’t bored.

The acclaimed outdoors Wales history museum is excellent. I learned that I knew nothing about what made Wales different than England.

Cardiff is just the right size. Population about 360,000. Small. But it has everything you could want.

The pedestrian downtown area is very walkable. In fact, the arena is just steps away from downtown. It’s easy to get to the biggest sporting events.

Architecture is very interesting.

Welsh National War Memorial

I looped the harbour through wetlands. And saw the ocean locks.

I missed Snowdon while there, but got to the other two great hiking destinations:

Brecon Beacons (2 days)
Pembrokeshire Coast Path (5 days)

If you ever get the chance, visit Cardiff. And Bath which is nearby. Swansea … not so much.

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