Nesbø – MacBeth

Nesbø wrote a re-telling of the story of Macbeth as part of the Hogarth Shakespeare project.

… described as a ‘crime noir’ version of the tragedy … his Macbeth is set in 1970 in an unspecified location that combines aspects of Scandinavia and Scotland, and involves an Inspector Macbeth of a paramilitary SWAT team targeting bikers, drug dealers, and his police colleagues. It was published in April 2018.

I found the book well written but too long. Too complicated.

Shakespeare’s version is an easier read.

I barely got through it.

Nesbø is considered cool. He gets good reviews from critics.

Regular folks don’t like him quite as much. This book is 3.44 / 5.00 on GoodReads as I post.

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