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kayaking the Marble Caves in Patagonia

On every list of the BEST tourist destinations in Chile are the Capilla de Marmol out of Puerto Río Tranquilo.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I loved it.

This was my first stop after sending back my bike.

I got here by taking a the bus though increasingly open spaces heading south.

It’s all gravel past of Cerro Castillo. The best vehicles protect themselves.

Puerto Río Tranquilo is a tiny town (pop. 500) swamped by tourists in high season.

Río Tranquilo

All accommodation was booked by the time I got there so I walked out of town to lovely Pudu Campground. (Each campsite has a windbreak wall. This IS Patagonia.)

Locals are ready for serious rain.

This van is a rental from Wicked Campers. It looks to be the most popular way to drive the Carretera Austral.

It’s an incredible part of the world. Stunning views on to General Carrera Lake and beyond.

Almost everyone jumps into small boats to visit this weird and wonderful geology.

I’d been advised to go by kayak. And on the first tour in the morning. Therefore I was up before 6am getting coffee ready.

Surprisingly few sign up for kayaking. My group had 7 clients and 2 guides. It was very professional. (C$100)

I recommend it.

Following the trip I’d planned to hop a bus continuing south. But the road was closed for 4 hours due to forest fire.

We sat in the sun and watched helicopters trying to douse the flames.

Hurry up and wait happens in Patagonia.

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