Istanbul’s new airport in 2019

This review rings true:

Istanbul’s New Airport Is A Hot Beautiful Mess

Plans are to make it one of the biggest in the world. Phase 1 of 4 is completed, so far.

Problems include:

  • you can’t leave the airport without a visa ($20-$60)
  • about an hour from the city centre by public transit
  • not close (yet) to airport hotels
  • a faster metro line is planned
  • free wifi is not easy to use, requires your passport number, and often doesn’t work
  • one huge building. LONG walks to get from one place to another. It might take you over 25 minutes to walk to your gate. And their are very few golf cart shuttles.

Also, the ‘free’ hotel night stay-over for offered by Turkish Airlines is very difficult to get. It’s easy to get traveling via Dubai.

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