Oyo hotel chain – world’s third-largest

This is 25-year-old College dropout Ritesh Agarwal. He’s worth $365 million.

In 2013 Ritesh founded Oyo Rooms (stylised as OYO), also known as Oyo Homes & Hotels, is an Indian hotel chain

OYO initially consisted mainly of budget hotels. Over a span of six years, the startup expanded globally with thousands of hotels, vacation homes and millions of rooms in hundreds of cities in India, Malaysia, UAE, Nepal, China, Brazil, UK, Philippines, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, …

In August 2019, Oyo made its first major investment in the United States by purchasing the Hooters Casino Hotel, near the Las Vegas Strip.

The company is currently valued at $10 billion dollars …

I stayed in one inexpensive Nepal OYO hotel for 3 nights. Couldn’t see any difference between it and the non-OYO competitors. OYO hotels have very nice signage, however. And there could be some loyalty program networking.

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