The Truth About Vaping

I hate smoking.

I hate vaping less as the second hand smoke is not nearly so bad.

And vaping legal product is much safer for the user than cigarettes. (The U.S. deaths appear to be mostly due to illegal product.)

More than 40 million people around the world now vape, up from just 7 million less than a decade ago. In the U.S., roughly 1 in 5 high-school kids vape. …

It wasn’t long before a vaping champion was crowned: Juul Labs, founded in 2015 and headquartered in San Francisco.

… By 2017, Juul was the U.S. leader in market share, selling one of every three e-cigarettes. …

Why did Juul become so much more popular than its rivals? Michael Siegel has one answer.

Juul has a very different nicotine formulation that makes it much more addictive. …

… the U.K. has regulated these products. And most importantly, there is a limit on the amount of nicotine that’s allowable. You can only have up to 20 milligrams per milliliter of nicotine …. In the U.S., there’s no limit at all.

So Juul comes along, they put 54 milligrams per milliliter in their product …

It’s 17 milligrams in the U.K.

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The Truth About the Vaping Crisis

The bigger problem in the USA is NOT the deaths, but rather the high percentage of youth who are not smokers taking up vaping. In 2019 it’s still considered cool.

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