Moose on the loose in Calgary

I’ve only rarely seen moose in the wild in Alberta.

This is the closest I’ve ever gotten to the normally shy beasts.

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golfing with Ron

I quit Golf sometime during the last century. Too expensive. Too time consuming.

But when Rockin’ Ronnie got back in the game I finally brought my clubs out to the left coast. We got in 27 holes. It was fun.

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The highlight for me was a Par 3 birdie. In fact I had not even one other Par on the other 26 holes.

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Skiing Mt Washington, Vancouver Island

Though I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Island over the past few years, this was my first time skiing Mt Washington near Comox.

With only a week or so left in the season, some lifts were not running. Most of the Black Diamonds up high not available.

But if you like easy Black Diamond and Blue there are a lot of runs. I really enjoyed it.

Regular ticket price was CAD $95.00 in 2018-19. There’s a 20% discount if you buy online. … OR you can do as I did and ski half day Noon – 3:30pm at a greater discount.

NEXT season I’m going to try to stay on the hill. They have some great deals. Early April 2019, for example, it was $99 / person.

In fact I saw they’d had a $66 / person deal earlier in the season. The regular price is $133 / person.

Closest airport is Comox.