Audible vs Scribd for audio books

I won’t be dropping my Audible membership any time soon. 

Love the service though it’s not inexpensive. 

I’ll quit Scribd after my free month. Their IOS app is lousy for listening to audiobooks compared with the Audible app which is near perfect.

Audible is still the best source for audio books, too, even though many titles I want are not available in audio editions.  😕

PRO TIP – Before buying from Audible I always check if it’s available from my public library first. 

Here’s another person’s review:

In this article, I’ll compare Audibleone the real audiobook OGs, with Scribd, who I think has the potential to be their biggest competitor over the coming years. …

For me, Audible is still the best option if you want to only listen to Audiobooks.

What takes the cake for me is the selection of Audiobooks on Audible, along with the fact that you own the books you purchase on Audible. …

Scribd vs Audible: Which is best for audiobooks?

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