Fall on Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald

I made it half way through this long novel before finally giving up.

The (1996) novel takes place in late 19th and early 20th centuries and chronicles four generations of the complex Piper Family. It is a story of “inescapable family bonds, terrible secrets, and of miracles.”

Beginning in Cape Breton IslandNova Scotia through the battlefields of World War I and ending in New York City, the troubled Piper sisters depend on one another for survival. …

The plot was promising.

But ultimately I agree with reviewer G. L. Fredrick:

There’s some brilliant writing in this book. Quite a bit actually, but not enough to justify the read.

The story is presented in a disjointed fashion that is hard to follow without frequent searches (glad I read the kindle version).

The characters are bleak, depressing, and also disjointed. They come and go in the story often having gone through some change that is not adequately explained.

By the end, you’re left with more questions and confusion than satisfaction.

It’s not worth your effort.

Another reviewer loved it. And read the book several times.

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