Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews

Red Sparrow (2013) is a novel written by Jason Matthews, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operative …

Dominika Egorova, or “Red Sparrow”, is a former Russian ballerina who is forced by her uncle to undergo espionage training for the Russian government at the Sparrow School, where people are trained to seduce their targets.

Other key figures are Marble, a Russian double agent who provides intelligence to the CIA, and Nate Nash, a CIA internal-ops officer who recruits and handles intelligence assets for the agency. …

Most interesting to me was the depiction of surveillance and countersurveillance techniques, said to be quite accurate.

I enjoyed the recipes included at the end of each chapter.

To me it is a dumbed down John le Carré spy novel. Less confusing than Carré. Still enjoyable.

It was made into a 2018 film adaptation with Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton. Reviews were not good.

Click PLAY or watch a trailer on YouTube.


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