Hellhole – the book … (not my Saskatoon rent-a-house)

Dave recommended Hellhole (2011), the first book in the Hellhole science fiction trilogy by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

Brian Herbert is son of famed science fiction author Frank Herbert.  Brian and Kevin took over from Frank as authors of the Dune series.

Hellhole is good, but not original Dune (1965) good.  Dune is one of the greatest books all time.

On the dangerous frontier planet Hellhole, defeated and exiled rebel General Tiber Adolphus continues his honorable opposition to the political scheming and selfish machinations of the leader of the central Constellation government.

  • Diadem Michella Duchenet: current leader of the Constellation.
  • Ishop Heer: Diadem Michella’s confidential aide, spy, and hatchet man.

Some of the good guys:

  • Keana Duchenet: Diadem Michella’s only heir.
  • Lord Louis de Carre: planetary ruler of Vielinger and lover of Keana.
  • Christoph de Carre: Lord de Carre’s only son and manager of the iperion mines on Vielinger.
  • Fernando Neron: new Hellhole colonist
  • Vincent Jenet: new Hellhole colonist

I’ll definitely continue to the two sequels.

I’m looking forward to seeing how citizens of an ancient civilization on that ruined planet affect the coming war between rebels and central government.



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