my first 4K video edit

In 2020 I don’t need 4K.

But since I’m experimenting with all the other features of my new Sony ZV-1, I gave it a go.

4K has more pixels.  Bigger files, of course.

With more pixels you can zoom in your editing software.

Even better, you can use the “Ken Burns” pan-and-zoom effect normally used in photos — with video.  That would be the main reason I’d shoot in 4K.

As my videos will end up on YouTube — most viewers watching in lower resolutions — you might ASSume there’s no advantage in shooting 4K for those who don’t have 4K monitors.

Not so.  If you shoot in 4K the resulting 1080p YouTube version will be better than if you shoot originally in 1080p.

Click PLAY or to watch some experiments in 4K on YouTube.  Watch in 4K.

The slow mo is choppy for some reason.



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