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Best GoPro Mounts

I’m using the GoPro Hero 7. Stabilization is quite good for an action cam.

I don’t need to upgrade to the Gopro 10.

I tried using different mounts while cycling.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

EASIEST is the handlebar mount. Turn on the GoPro whenever you might want to show the trail. Quickly remove it to use off the bike anywhere along the road.

BEST is the selfie stick. But you end up riding with only one hand. Or trying to connect a tripod to the bike.

I’m planning to use the Blendr system for the handlebar mount. Rock solid.

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Re-editing my OLD Videos

My main HOBBY during pandemic has been video editing.

When I go back to watch some of my old edits, I’m usually unhappy 😕 with some decisions I made at the time.

A couple of times I’ve gone back and improved them. Satisfying. 🙂

For example, I was quite happy with some parts of my 2021 video cycling around Parksville. But a few things BUGGED me.

It didn’t take long to make the changes. Here’s the NEW shorter version. I posted it on a different YouTube channel to avoid later confusion.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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My video/photo editing workflow

Updated September 2021.

A #CovidGoal was to improve my video editing.

A secondary goal, to improve photos and start sharing them more. I started an Instagram account for my hiking pics – BestHikeVisuals.

Mostly I’ve been disappointed with the many limitations of Instagram. Not yet a fan.

After posting my French Creek tribute, I declared I was GOOD ENOUGH at video editing for my purposes. Approaching “Concious Competent“. I could sit down at a table with a professional video editor and understand 75% of what they were talking about. 😀


Story. Story. Story.

Every edit should contribute to the STORY.

I threw this one together quickly as a teaser for upcoming West Coast Trail videos. But in some weird way, it’s evocative of that wild and challenging hike.

I’m particularly happy with the audio.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Mostly my videos are for outdoor recreation, but I also hope to get back indoor soon shooting Gymnastics.

Here are the BASICS for upcoming shoots:

  1. I’m usually shooting solo
  2. 3 cameras (Sony ZV-1, GoPro 7 and iPhone X with-or-without DJI OM 4 gimbal)
  3. For video I’ve switched from 24fps to 30fps as it’s a little clearer, though less cinematic. 
  4. ZV-1 is primary A roll footage.   It has by far the best audio
  5. Ignoring all advice, I mostly shoot Intelligent Auto Mode.  In fact, I shoot Intelligent Auto Photo Mode almost all the time — as it’s QUICK to take a photo and QUICK to take Intelligent Auto video 4K 30fps. FAST with good enough qualify.
  6. ZV-1 Memory Recall #3 = … not set at this point
  7. ZV-1 Memory Recall #2 = 1080p / 60fps for slow motion (60 is better math when slowing for 30fps output)
  8. ZV-1 Memory Recall #1 = is for quickly taking Time Lapse  
    1. Apple’s free Photos app is not great, but I’m still using it for organization.  
    2. I’ve switched to Pixelmator Pro for editing the best of the best photos for Instagram.  
    3. Best photos are archived in my Flickr Pro account
  10. I quit trying Sony S-Log2, S-Log3, and other HLG profiles used by the cool kids as it was way too much hassle for dubious gains in quality.  I often shoot photos in RAW and JPG both as colour correcting RAW is easier.  
  11. iPhone on the gimbal for B roll: slow-mo, time lapse, special effects, etc. (mostly 4K 60fps)
  12. I’ve started experimenting with the Moment – Pro Camera App on the phone.  
  13. GoPro is for B roll: action, water, mimic drone, etc. (mostly 2.7K 60fps as 2.7 is the highest it can go with Superview (16:9 aspect ratio) enabled.  I’d only switch to 4K if on a tripod.)
    1. 16:9 ratio
    2. low light set on auto
    3. ISO min 100, max 400 (400 might be low)
    4. Protune off
    5. Head mount, chest mount, handlebar mount, selfie stick, or tripod, depending on the situation. 
  14. Editing video with Final Cup Pro X on a MacBook Pro 2020 with the new silicon chip. 
  15. Export in 1080p
    1. master file using ProRes 422
    2. export ‘Computer’
    3. export H.264 Faster Encode
  16. Shoot 120 fps only for smoke, fire, fast moving sports, etc. 
  17. As little hand held video as possible.  Use tripods.  Handheld would only be used to show ACTION.  Close-up motion.  I don’t shoot much of that. 
  18. Shorter the better for my videos. 
  19. No ads
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Flash Drive Back-up for iPhone

For my purposes, an iPhone X (for example) is better in many ways than a dedicated camera like the Sony ZV-1.

I want 4K video at 60 frames / second. The iPhone does that. The Sony doesn’t.

One BIG downside of using your camera for video is running out of storage.

But I solved that with the purchase of a tiny SanDisk 256GB iXpand Flash Drive Go for iPhone CAD $82.

It works well and quickly to back-up all your photos and videos, freeing space to take more.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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Notion note taking app

I’ve always been a NOTE taker.

Always put together TO-DO lists.

Not always skilled at following through. 😶

For the past few months I’ve been trying NOTION. It’s free for basics.

More complicated than I need. But it is cool.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

It does synch perfectly with iPhone. And I can use the IOS app even when out of service.

NOTION ranked #1 on this list of Best Note-Taking Apps 2021.

I’ve used different notebooks and apps over the decades. Most recently I’ve been trying to stick to the default Apple products:

  • Reminders
  • Text Edit

Love the simplicity and compatibility with the Fruit Company ecosystem of brainwashed.

I’ve yet to find a calendar I like. I’m using Google Calendar — but don’t really enjoy it. Right now I’m trying to switch to Apple Calendar, which I also don’t like.

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As a coach, I KNOW you need to practice to improve at anything.

I’ve been studying and editing most days during the pandemic. It’s been my #1 new hobby.

For my purposes — outdoor YouTube videos — I’m good enough now at the mechanics.

Here’s my latest. A terrific tune supported by a pretty montage.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

It’s not nearly as good as the best. But that video would cost you at least $50k.

I work for free. 😀

At least I now understand how the BEST videographers create those works of art.

In my mind, I’m moving NEXT to a focus on STORY.

Story is most important, in the end.

Over the summer I’ll be looking for good (short) video stories. Shooting a lot of content. Might not do much editing until winter.

Here’s my favourite video of 2020.

An IMPORTANT MESSAGE … and very creative video editing.

… I wonder what Nike paid for this. 😇

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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BEST cycling videos

For each genre (hiking, cycling, mountain climbing, skiing) I’m looking for technically good video coverage.

Great audio. That’s not easy.

But what makes the good ones GREAT is something that gets you emotionally.

Humour. Inspiration. Personal connection to the people in the very short film

I want to fly to Silverton, Colorado just to meet Avra Saslow, Clare Hamilton, and Delilah Cupp.

Fame might change us.” 😀

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.


Mount Royal University pandemic LOCKDOWN

Police brought me home when I was a kid. Brian and I were caught climbing the construction site of what’s now Mount Royal University in Calgary. We jumped from … 3 FLOORS DOWN, the cops told our parents.

Over the decades, Mount Royal’s been my coffee shop and office. Just 5 minutes walk from my brother’s place in Glamorgan, the neighbourhood where I grew up.

It’s bizarre and eerie to see the huge complex deserted. Unsettling. Like some dystopian science fiction movie.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. Best for me is the audio.

I’m still studying and practicing video editing almost every day.

This one includes several (new to me) techniques:

  • colours: white & sterile, progresses to golds, and finishes with optimistic multi-colours
  • deliberately tilting videos 5-10 degrees to convey … something is wrong
  • rapid zoom introduction montage