A review of my new Sony ZV-1


I wanna be a 📸 PHOTOGRAPHER.

I have tens of thousands of photos posted online, yet knew almost nothing about photography.

What’s an F-Stop?

Unable to travel as much as in the past, I decided to buy a real camera and — finallylearn how they work.  I have plenty of time.

I decided on the Sony ZV-1, their much hyped new vlogging camera.

So far, I’m liking it.

At 10.4 oz (294 g) without the handle remote, it’s small enough to carry on my hip wherever I go.  Fires up quickly.  Point and shoot.  Ideal for travel.

In fact, this is primarily a video camera.  But I’m happy with the photos, as well.

You can take a photo while the camera is videotaping.  Damn.  You cannot.  One big weakness of this camera.

Biggest problem for me is lack of much optical zoom.  

The alternative is to shoot a photo with up to 20 Megapixels — then crop.

Here are three I shot at 5472 × 3648 pixels.

Note: software running this site takes the original and reduces size and quality to display online.  Click for larger versions.

New to me is the options of blurring out the background.  I do like it, once in a while.  Especially on closeups.

It’s good in low light — Gymnastics clubs, for example.  Much better than phones.

Made for vloggers, the ZV-1 works portrait or landscape equally well.

Base price is about CAD $1000.  Adding the Vlogger Kit, extra batteries, 128 GB memory card, tax, etc … I paid something close to CAD $1500.

I really like the bluetooth wireless remote handle.  It works from up to 45m away if you have the camera on a tripod.

As a selfie stick, most vloggers find it too short.  I’ll use a lightweight tripod, instead, starting and stopping with the Sony remote.

Getting started as a Dummy was not easy.  There’s too much information on the internet.

Best for me was the too detailed Sony Help Guide online.

I’ve watched many hours of YouTube videos, as well.

Click PLAY or watch a skeptical review on YouTube.

 Is it truly better than your phone or GoPro? 

Click PLAY or see the Wireless Remote on YouTube.  It’s worth getting.

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