cameras are dying

I tripped over to Walmart to purchase my 3rd Elf.

I like this camera. But they only last about a year before the telescoping lens fails.

The camera rack at a Burlington ONT Walmart was empty. The salesman told me they were getting out of camera sales. That’s not the only store.

Seems most people prefer to use their camera phones.

So … we rolled on over to Staples. They had plenty of different Elfs in stock. I chose the Elf 180 as it was least expensive.

Google solved our photo backup nightmare

Warren got me to try Google photos. Love it.

I’m using the free (for now) service. Uploading all my photos, all time.

Click PLAY or see how it works on YouTube.

I’m going to maintain my flickr account, as well. I’ve got tens of thousands of my best pics there already.

home-made Christmas presents are best

Wei works in a factory in Yiwu, eastern China, coating polystyrene snowflakes with red powder. He wears a Christmas hat to protect his hair, and goes through at least six face masks a day.

According to the Chinese government press agency, 600 factories in Yiwu produce around 60 percent of the world’s Christmas decorations. The factories are staffed largely by migrant laborers, who work 12-hour days for between 270 and 400 euros a month. Wei, who comes from rural Guizhou, 1,500 kilometers away, is not entirely sure what Christmas is, but thinks that it is a foreigners’ form of Chinese New Year.

click to see source ... or open image in another tab to see larger version
click to see source … or open image in another tab to see larger version

I saw that award winning photo at the 58th World Press Photo contest exhibition in London.

Raul Ruiz – street artist

Granada’s most famous street artist is Raúl Ruiz (better known as El Niño de las Pinturas). I took a walking tour to see some the work in the Realejo quarter near his home.








In 2013 Granada named a small plaza just outside his house after Joe Strummer of The Clash, a long-time admirer of the city and a regular visitor in the 1980s and ’90s. Ruiz spray-painted a mural.


The high resolution versions of all my photos are on Flickr.

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hippies in Corfu – early 1980s?

My old pal Mike Sissons forwarded a photo.

I can vividly remember the kind of nonsense, drinking and debauchery went on in Vatos, Greece. That was the nude beach of the day. (I’m still sunburned where the sun doesn’t shine.)

Corfu Mike Sissons

I’ll be visiting Mike in Madrid early October.