Fade Away by Harlan Coben

1995Deal Breaker and Drop Shot
1996Fade Away

Fade Away is the third novel in his series of a crime solver and sports agent named Myron Bolitar.

Best so far, I’d say.

Myron Bolitar is called by Clip Arnstein, the owner of NBA New Jersey Dragons.

Clip’s star player is missing and he wants Myron to find him.

Clip wants Myron to take Greg’s place on the team, feeling that the other players would be more open with him rather than an investigator. Myron is reluctant yet excited at the same time. Having never had the opportunity to play pro-ball, he is anxious to know if he can make it with the Dragons.

Myron had been injured out of the NBA before his career started. Can he make it this time?

These are light weight easy books to read. But I like the humour. The banter.
Don’t spends too much time analyzing the plot.

Myron’s parter Windsor Horne Lockwood III is always entertaining.

Esperanza Diaz, his assistant at MB SportsReps, is a brilliant character, as well.

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