The Cold Millions by Jess Walter

I really like the setting of this 2020 book – Spokane in the early 1900s.

The author is from Spokane.

Homeless workers, railway tramps and union organizers.

A mix of real and fictional characters makes it more entertaining.

Rye Dolan and his older brother, Gig. Orphaned and penniless. Trying to make their way.

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, a teenage, pregnant firebrand western Joan of Arc. She’s based on an actual historical character.  A founding member of the American Civil Liberties Union and a visible proponent of women’s rightsbirth control, and women’s suffrage.

Ursula the Great, a striptease artist who sings in a cage with a cougar.

The bad guys: mine owners, violent police, unsympathetic judges and conservative newspaper editors.

It’s not all that well written. But the story does keep moving.

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