Mount Royal University pandemic LOCKDOWN

Police brought me home when I was a kid. Brian and I were caught climbing the construction site of what’s now Mount Royal University in Calgary. We jumped from … 3 FLOORS DOWN, the cops told our parents.

Over the decades, Mount Royal’s been my coffee shop and office. Just 5 minutes walk from my brother’s place in Glamorgan, the neighbourhood where I grew up.

It’s bizarre and eerie to see the huge complex deserted. Unsettling. Like some dystopian science fiction movie.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. Best for me is the audio.

I’m still studying and practicing video editing almost every day.

This one includes several (new to me) techniques:

  • colours: white & sterile, progresses to golds, and finishes with optimistic multi-colours
  • deliberately tilting videos 5-10 degrees to convey … something is wrong
  • rapid zoom introduction montage

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