The Blackhouse by Peter May

I recommend this book published 2011.

Though Peter May is award winning and very prolific, this is the first of his many books that I’ve read.

The Blackhouse is a suspense thriller, first novel of The Lewis Trilogy, written by the Scottish writer Peter May.

The action takes place mostly on the remote and weather-beaten Isle of Lewis off the coast of northern Scotland.

Detective Inspector Finlay Macleod (known as Fin), a native of the island, is sent from his Edinburgh police station to investigate the murder …

One unique thread is the annual guga hunt. Men from Fin’s village of Ness sail end of summer to the tiny rock island of Sula Sgeir. They harvest a maximum of 2,000 gannet chicks (known as gouge) from their nests. That’s been a tradition since well before 1549.

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