State of Terror by Clinton and Louise Penny

I was surprised to enjoy the two books by Bill Clinton and James Patterson;

The President is Missing

The President’s Daughter

How does Hillary Clinton’s book compare?

State of Terror

No doubt Canadian mystery novelist Louise Penny did most of the writing.

But it must have been Hillary who included Putin (here called Ivanov) and a former President golfer (here called “Eric Dunn”). She and Bill are Washington super-insiders. They know how it works.

In my opinion, this book is not as good as either of the Bill Clinton collaboration. Those were more fun.

It was FUN to see Louise Penny’s character Chief Inspector Armand Gamache from Quebec make an appearance.

And it was important to hear a screed against Washington misogyny. Hillary knows better than anyone how much harder it is to be a woman in politics.

In any case, this book is getting great reviews. Selling by the truckload. But it didn’t really work for me.

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