Tourists LOVE Seville

I’d been to Seville, Spain once before in 2015. Was happy to return to catch the high speed train to Madrid. It’s the largest city in lovely Andalusia.

Metropol Parasol – world’s largest wooden structure

It’s a great walking city.

One highlight is bridges.

The Plaza de España is fantastic.

I was there during a dusk rain storm, watching busking Flamenco dancers.

But it’s the Royal Alcázars (Palace) that is the biggest draw for tourists.

Sprawling gardens, minor palaces, regal salons, and dead end walks. A hodge podge of styles. Great for wandering.

My favourite spot was the “Baths of Lady María de Padilla” — rainwater tanks underground. Maria was mistress of Peter the Cruel.

Next door is Seville Cathedral. The largest Gothic cathedral in Christendom.

This is supposed to be the tomb of Christopher Columbus. There’s another in the Dominican Republic.

The Giralda tower was once highest in the world. You can still ride your horse to the top.

Personally, I quite like the riverside Torre del Oro (Tower of Gold).

Of course I stayed in the charming Barrio de Santa Cruz near the Cathedral. It was once the Jewish quarter. Now a labyrinth of cobblestone pedestrian lanes (too narrow for cars) where it’s easy to get lost.

I’d go back to Seville anytime.

I haven’t spent all that much time over the OTHER SIDE of the river.

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