Impulse – season 1

Because I HATE advertising, I subscribe to YouTube Premium for about $10 / month.

Included in that bundle is YouTube Music. I downloaded about 100 favourite songs so I can listen offline on the rare occasion I want music rather than podcasts and audio books.

It includes “YouTube Original” TV and movies, a sad collection of things you’d never want to watch. Google has ALL the money so I’m surprised they don’t buy some streaming platforms and compete against Disney, Netflix and the rest.

BUT their only remaining scripted series is Cobra Kai.

However, I tried Impulse, a science fiction drama streaming television series based on the 2013 Steven Gould novel.


It’s part SciFi, part female teen coming-of-age drama.

16-year-old Henrietta “Henry” Coles who discovers she has the ability to teleport but has no control over her destination. …

The main plot gets more complex as it turns out there are others with her superpower. And they come looking for Henry.

Madelaine Hasson plays the strong, unlikable lead character.

The cast is all good, but I particularly like Enuka Okuma as Anna Hulce. A good cop in a very bad situation.

And Daniel Maslany as Townes Linderman, an autistic student.

Click PLAY or watch the trailer on YouTube.

I also watched the second and final season — but don’t recommend it.

One highlight, however, of season two is Callum Keith Rennie as Nikolai, another with Henry’s powers who’s trying to help(?) her.

And Townes gets a girlfriend.

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