Off The Grid by C.J. Box

BEST book in the series, so far, I reckon. Mainly because it features rogue Nate Romanowski more than any other book. He’s the most fascinating character. I also like Wyoming State Governor


TFOff The Grid is the 16th book in the Joe Pickett series. How do you manage to keep a series fresh and relevant without it becoming perhaps a little tired and formulaic?

CJB: Two reasons, I think and hope. The first is that each book in the series includes a real issue or concern beyond who-done-it.  In Off The Grid it’s domestic terrorism as well as a runaway grizzly that’s been stalking hunters.  Additionally, since the books take place in real time Joe Pickett, Nate, Marybeth, and family age and change.

TF: Who are your favourite authors?

CJB: I’m a huge fan of Thomas McGuane, the late Jim Harrison, Cormac McCarthy, Flannery O’Connor, and too many biographers and historians to list here.  In the genre I never miss books by Michael Connelly, Denise Mina, John Sandford, and George Pelecanos. 

Thriller set in Wyoming – plus interview with best selling author, C J Box

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